A works cited page should always appear at the end of your paper, following MLA guidelines.
Book with a single author
Evans, J. Claude. Strategies of Deconstruction: Derrida and the Myth of Voice. Minneapolis, MN: University of Minnesota Press, 1991.

Book with two authors
Sennett, Richard, and Jonathan Cobb. The Hidden Injuries of Class. New York, NY: Vintage Books, 1972.

Book that has been translated
Plato. The Republic. 2nd ed. Trans. Desmond Lee. New York, NY: Penguin Books, 1987.

Independent work that has been translated and included in an edited and revised volume
Plato. Euthyphro. Trans. G. M. A. Grube. In Five Dialogues. 2nd ed. Rev. John M. Cooper. Indianapolis, IN: Hackett Publishing Company, 2002.

Article included as a chapter in an edited book
Taylor, Richard. “A Critique of Kantianism.” Vice and Virtue in Everyday Life. 7th ed. Eds. Christina Sommers and Fred Sommers. Belmont, CA: Thomson Wadsworth, 2007.

Article from a coursepack
Pojman, Louis. “Egoism, Self-Interest, and Altruism.” PHL201: Ethics Course Packet. Ed. D. R. Koukal.

Article from a scholarly journal
Bruzina, Ronald. “Language in Lifeworld Phenomenology: The ‘Origin of Geometry’ was not the Last Word!” Philosophy Today 40 1/4 (Spring 1996).

Encyclopedias and other multi-volume works
Lumiansky, R.M. “Chaucer.” The New Encyclopaedia Britannica: Macropaedia. 15th ed. 1998.

Article from a printed newspaper
Holden, Stephen. “Frank Sinatra Dies at 82; Matchless Stylist of Pop.” New York Times 16 May 1998, natl. ed.: A1+.
Article from an online newspaper
Wright, Steven. “Curriculum 2000 Draws Criticism.” The Chronicle 25 Jan. 2001. 7 Nov. 2001 <http://www.chronicle.duke.edu/ story.php?article_id=21459>.

Article from a printed magazine
Kingwell, Mark. “Fast Forward: Our High-Speed Chase to Nowhere.” Harper’s Magazine 30 May 1998: 25-34.

Article from an online magazine
Saletan, William. “The Ethicist’s New Clothes.” Slate 16 August 2001. 17 August 2001

Web page (a stand-alone document on the Internet)
Abraham Lincoln Birthplace National Historic Site. 11 Feb. 2003. National Park Service. 13 Feb. 2003 <http://www.nps.gov/abli/&gt;.

( http://koukaldr.faculty.udmercy.edu/workscited.htm)

One Response to “How to Cite in a Philosophy Paper (MLA)”

  1. henrycooper4544 Says:

    I didn’t catch your name? MLA and APA always scare the crap out of me ( mostly because it gets so confusing and I feel like I was never really properly taught how to use them) but you did a great job breaking this down. Your speaking voice is confident and clear, the arrows throughout the presentation are very helpful and I never felt lost while watching the video. You should teach a class on this. Thanks so much!

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