Unit Overview

In these last two weeks we take a look at some of the biggest challenges we face looking ahead in building a more just world. These are dealing with the staggering levels of extreme poverty around the globe. Facing the challenge of reducing or eliminating war. And develop an ethic and political system that protects the environment that we all depend on for our survival. The Steven Pinker reading and video are summaries of his book The Better Angels of Our Nature which looks at the levels of violence in the world as related to historical levels. Evidence shows that violence has declined dramatically. Pinker also attempts to look at the causes of why violence has declined.



The Sixth Extinction

One of the consequences of climate change and human activity more broadly is the extinction of various animal species. We are currently losing species at an astounding rate. As we think about the future, if we want these animals around we are going to have to do much to reverse the loss of habitat for animals in all the different regions of the world.


Climate Change and Meat Consumption

Aside from voting for politicians who are committed to a 100% carbon free future as quickly as possible, the best thing you can do is to reduce your meat consumption to nothing or as close to possible as nothing. And beef production emits more green house gases than the production of any other food meat. Here is a little overview.

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