Immanuel Kant “What is Enlightenment?” ( Kant – What Is Enlightenment )

E.F. Carritt – Criticisms of Utilitarianism ( carritt-utitilitarianism )

JJC Smart “Extreme and Restricted Utilitarianism” (smartextremerestricted)

Darwall – Contractualism vs. Contractarianism (Handed out in class)

Hobbes “Leviathan” (excerpts) (hobblev1)

Jean Jacques Rousseau “The Social Contract” (excerpts) ( rousseau – the social contract books I and II )

Immanuel Kant – Groundwork for the Metaphysics of Morals (excerpt) (Kant – Groundwork (excerpt))

Allen Wood “Kantian Ethics” chapter 1 (excerpt)( Wood – Chapter 1 (excerpt) )

Allen Wood “Kantian Ethics”  chapter 15 Wood – Chapter 15

Judith Jarvis Thomson “A Defense of Abortion” (Thomson_abortion)

Don Marquis “Why Abortion is Immoral” (marquis – whyabortionisimmoral)

Mary Ann Warren “On the Legal and Moral Status of Abortion” ( Warren – On the legal and Moral status of Abortions

Peter Singer “Unsanctifying Human Life” (Singer- Unsanctifying Human Life )

Michael Tooley “Abortion and Infanticide” ( Tooley–Abortion and Infanticide )

Jane English “The Moderate Position on Abortion” ( english – abortion )

Alasdair Norcross “Puppies, Pigs and People: Eating Meat and Marginal Cases” (norcross-puppiespigsandpeople)

Tom Regan “The Case for Animal Rights” (excerpts) (Regan – The Case for Animal Rights (excerpts))

Tibor Machan “Do Animals have Rights?” (Machan – Do Animals Have Rights)

Carl Cohen “Do Animals have Rights?” (Cohen – Do ANimals Have Rights?)

John Rawls “Justice as Fairness” (excerpts) (Rawls – Justice as Fairness)

Robert Nozick “Anarchy, State, Utopia” (excerpts) (Nozick – Distributive Justice)

Peter Singer “Singer Solution to World Poverty” (The_Solution_to_World_Poverty1)

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