Write a 1,000-1,500 word paper on one of the following topics:

Pick any issue regarding the treatment of animals and make an argument about it. Argue that something is or is not permissible. Basically you want to argue that something that we commonly do is wrong or that something that we commonly think is wrong is morally permissible. Which means that you are attempting to say something morally interesting about our ethical behavior or standards. You can pick any issue or area you like but do not argue that it is wrong to eat factory farmed meat. Don’t argue for the same thing that Norcross argued for, although you are welcome to argue against him or present arguments as to when you think it is morally permissible to eat factory farmed meat. You can also write on some topic totally unrelated like the ethics of pet keeping where you could explore various ethical issues related to pet keeping. When is it morally permissible, when is it not. What types of animals is it morally permissible to keep and what types not, etc.


Pick any issue relating to food consumption more broadly. Again you should be arguing that something we do is not morally permissible or something that we don’t do is morally permissible. You could discuss the ethical implications of organic food, eating locally, vegetarianism, veganism, etc.

What is important is that your paper have a clearly defined thesis and that you have an argument to support your thesis. In this paper you are going to need consider objections to your position. If you are arguing that non-organic food be banned then you need to provide some arguments (or argument) as to why and consider what the strongest objection to your position might be and then  show why it fails as an objection to your initial argument.

As with the first paper, submit the paper online through the link under the Lessons tab and follow all guidelines listed on the syllabus.

This essay is Due by Friday May 3rd 5:59 PM!!!

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