Part I: Meta-Ethics

Week 1: Reason and Morality

Week 2: Culture, Religion and Morality

Week 3: Moral Emotions and Moral Philosophy

Week 4: The Challenge of Egoism

Part II: Normative Ethics

Week 5: The Enlightenment and Social Contract Theory 

Week 6: Kantian Ethics 

Week 7: Utilitarianism

Part III: Political Philosophy

Week 8: Communism, Socialism, and Democratic Socialism

Week 9: Egalitarianism 

Week 10: Libertarianism

Part IV: Applied Ethics

Week 11: Abortion and Animal Rights

Week 12: Race and Criminal Justice

Week 13: Sex and Marriage

Week 14: Global Poverty, War, and The Environment

Week 15: The Future of Humanity 


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